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We are Ben and Ashlee Pearson, a husband/wife team of photographers. Ashlee is also a very talented artist, especially in colored pencil sketches, and we post her work here frequently. We live near Washington D.C., and enjoy photographing the many wonders around.

We hope our art can beautify your home, office, or other location. Each of our pictures are printed by Bay Photo, which Smugmug has researched and declared the best professional photo printer on the internet. We take pride in making each picture perfect for your enjoyment! These pictures represent travels around the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona, wildlife, zoos, and even more exotic travel locations. Ashlee's artwork includes drawings of many fabulous things, including fantastic settings, cats, fairies, and Christ pictures, done in colored pencil sketches. All of our pictures are available for download, in either personal or commercial use licenses. We hope you enjoy!

Note that while most images on this site include a watermark, none of them will include anything when they are printed out, nor for a paid downloaded. If you have any questions, or requests, please email them to . Also, you can follow me on twitter, @pearsonartphoto. I will answer all emails.

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